Manufacturer of leather dyes

Manufacturer of leather dyes

We are one of the leading manufacturer of leather dyes which are highly in demand in world-wide leather manufacturing industries. They are available in the market in a wide range of shades. This range are includes Yellow FRM,Orange TGLL,Scarlet BS,Pink B,Maroon V,Brilliant Blue R,Blue VS,Green V,Brown GR,Black DBlack HEF 200 and Black N.SPL / NBH etc.

Leather Dyes allows mixing and uniform drying which allows creation of interesting middle tones. Meeting the requirements of leather coloration, the coloring materials assisting  in absorbing of light .present in wavelength.

Moreover, these are soluble in medium these are applied to that outcome in comparatively lower dye wet fastness as well as in achieving for deep dyed shades.

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