Company Profile

M/s. Karsandas Mavji was promoted by Mr. Karsandas Mavji himself in the year 1920. He started his business in 1900 in small way and getting experience he started with reputation in 1920 in name and style of M/s. Karsandas Mavji. In the initial stage the company was importing Dyestuffs, Chemicals and other Allied Products and reselling in Indian Market.

In the year 1960 the company started manufacturing few chemicals like Aniline Salt, Copper Sulphate, etc. encouraged in initial succession, the company thought of manufacturing Dyestuff with one or two products initially. At this stage the company was look after by Mr. K. K. Rangwala and his sons, Mr. H. K. Rangwala, the present Managing Director of the company and Mr. K. K. Rangwala, present production Director.

After achieving sucess within 4 years time, Company started manufacturing on big scale Direct Dyestuffs was developing fast and having a good experience in trading for many years, and with good technical backup, the company started exporting their products to U. S. Market in the year 1971 with Direct Dyestuffs and then on regularly with Acid and Mordant Dyestuffs. Slowly the export activities expanded to European Countries and Far East Countries.

Today the company is manufacturing full range in Direct Dyestuffs, Reactive Dyestuffs (High Exhaust, Bi-functional Hot, Cold and Vinyl Sulphone based), Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Chrome Dyes, Leather Dyes, and Aniline Hydrochloride. The company has well equipped Laboratory and qualified Chemist.

Our RND Department is managed by highly qualified Chemist which is mainly engaged in developing new products for the various series of our ranges. We have already introduced Direct Non Benzidine dyestuffs.

Karsandas Mavji has 3 more Associate Companies manufacturing Dyes and Dyes Intermediates which are about 45 kms. away from Mumbai, which produce Dyes and Dyes lntermidiates required for export as well as local comsumption.

Karsandas Mavji has also a very good arrangement for selling their products in local market through their agent in Delhi, Kanpur, Surat, Ludhiyana, Erode, Tirpur, Banglore, Coimbatore, Calcutta and Madras which are main centres for Textile and Leather.

Today Karsandas Mavji is Major Exporter to U. K., Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and other European Countries, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and other South East Asian Countries. Today Karsandas Mavji have achieved upto 90% export market for their productions and market are growing excellently for their products.